The Social Fabric is a fabric/textile company that supports and promotes artisans and village workshops in developing communities throughout the world. The Social Fabric collaborates and works in villages with pre-existing NGO’s and networks to ensure a specific structure and accountability in the manufacturing of our fabrics. We will be able to guarantee supply, quality, and production of our fabrics.

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The Social Fabric will work with indigenous hand loomed, back strap loom, and machine loomed textiles for the home design and contract design marketplace. The Social Fabric will support free-trade, village artisans, empower women, children and their communities, while ensuring that the artisans have safe and healthy working conditions with access to education and healthcare.


We are creating both patterned designs and solid designs that can be used as the background fabrics by other fabric companies. Our first fabrics lines are being made in Guatemala and India.  The fabrics from Guatemala are made on back strap looms that women carry on their backs. This provides greater flexibility in production and allows the women to conveniently work either in the village cooperatives or in their homes. Artisans in India use hand looms with some use of machine loom technology.  The Social Fabric supports sustainable engineering innovations and organizations that benefit the weaving process and the artisans throughout the world.

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