The Social Fabric Blog

Welcome to the Social Fabric.  We are all connected in the journey of life.  Every product you purchase has traveled along a lengthy path to get to where it sits on your kitchen table or is in your hand.  The conscious consumer wants to know their product not only came out of responsible manufacturing but perhaps benefited another person’s life and family.  

Lisa, the founder of The Social Fabric, has embarked on a journey to better the lives of artisans through social entrepreneurship and to preserve the history of their crafts. Shrinking demand of their unique work has left artisans with difficulty of support their families as well as the disinterest of passing down their craft to younger generations. Through collaboration and her experience in design, Lisa’s goal in this venture is to create a platform providing these artisans the business and historic preservation they deserve. 2014-02-25 11.47.58



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